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Digitally Measured

Monitor Your Numbers.

Make Critical Business Decisions
With Confidence

Custom data solutions that let you monitor what matters most.

Digitally Measured is a data analytics consultancy that helps you measure the performance of your business and digital properties (websites or mobile apps) by implementing an event-driven measurement plan based on an integrated data stack.

A Data Analytics Stack Tailored to Your Business

Manual reporting is prone to errors and delays, making accurate and timely decision-making a challenge. And when your employees are stuck with tedious manual reporting tasks, they’re left with little time to do the work you hired them for — leaving them stressed and burnt out.

Sure, you could subscribe to one or more cloud tools — but there are so many to choose from. Plus, using just one or multiple in silos won't really address your unique needs. 


We’re here to fill that gap.


We can collect your business objectives and identify your main performance indicators so that we can effectively deploy an event focused analytics stack that measures what matters most — and in doing so, help you make data-informed decisions with confidence.

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find out how to monitor your numbers

Why Digitally Measured?

what & how

Custom-Fit to Your Business

We implement and integrate the right tools and build your reporting framework based on your unique needs, so that you can measure what matters. 

Everything in One Place — Where You Want to See It

See all of your users, customers, deals, revenue, and product performance data displayed in modern visualization tools.

Safe and Secure

Your data pipeline is yours. You control access to your reporting.

On-Going Support For Your Changing Business

Your business isn’t static. Neither should your reporting be. We continuously monitor your pipeline and update your events, metrics & reporting as your needs change.

How we build your integrated data pipeline

Drafting Your Data Flow Map

First, we collect the business questions you want answered and the events & key performance indicators (KPI) you want to track. From there, we’ll map a data flow, identifying each data source and tool we need to include in your pipeline.

Building Your Pipeline

With your approval of the data flow map, we log in to each system using your credentials to build your data pipeline.

Testing and Validation

We put your pipeline through rigorous testing to ensure each report you receive accurately reflects the performance of your digital product. Then, the pipeline goes live.

Automation and Monitoring

We don’t stop when your pipeline’s up and running. We’ll monitor your reporting to ensure it’s working properly, and make changes as your business needs them.

Are you ready to improve your digital experience?

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Product Analytics

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Web & Mobile Analytics

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Behavioral Analysis

Identify what ideas to prioritize to improve your customer journeys.

Our mix of skills and experience allows us to translate your business’s unique needs into the technical solutions necessary to build your custom data pipeline.

Our Skills & Credentials

See the tools we use to manage your data solutions, from design to deployment.

Marketing Stack and Automation

Connect your stack to integrate data sources, resulting in improved accessibility & productivity.

Business Intelligence

Combine your data from multiple sources to create a complete picture for informed decision-making.

Product Intelligence

Understand how you're acquiring customers, how they're using your digital products, and how you can improve their engagement & personalize their experience.

Performance Measurement

Identify KPIs and performance measures that align with your goals and strategies.

Contact us

Contact Us

Reach out to us to learn more about how you can better monitor your business performance with automated reporting.

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